CB / 11m SDR experimental receiver
Receiver is operated by: Dr. Daniel Fernández, EA3HRU daniel@z-ha-dum.dyndns.org
Device: RTL-SDR with custom m-derived & k-type filter in a NUC 6I3
Antenna: Vertically-polarized Double Bazooka, 3 meters over ground
EA3HRU - CB / 11m SDR experimental receiver - Barcelona, Spain
Pallejà, Barcelona | Loc: JN01XK, ASL: 20 m, [maps]

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OpenWebRX client log
Software Author: András Retzler, HA7ILM. Support the software development via PayPal!
SDR and site manager: Dr. Daniel Fernández, EA3HRU

Zoom the waterfall display by the mouse wheel and drag the waterfall to pan across it.
Tune by clicking on the waterfall. It helps if you zoom-in before!.
The filter envelope can be dragged at its ends and moved around to set the passband.
If you hold down the shift key, you can drag the center line (BFO) or the whole passband (PBS).
Tune and bookmark your favorite frequency with an URL like:

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We're working on the code right now, so the application might fail.

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